Birthday presents

My birthday presents:

1- A book titled "Perfect juggler" and three balls for training. On the greeting card there is written: I hope all this could help you to find your way.
2- A bottle of Unicum (40%). It seems alcohol is the only pleasure I can reach still.
(PS: Unicum is really good, indeed)
3- A book titled "Manual for self destruction". A quote from the foreword: to destruct himself the reader has just to follow Baldini's advices about how to hate people properly, how to make colleagues turn against you, how to be unpleasant.

It is pretty hard to do not feel there is a message behind.




It's an elaboration of an old sketch of mine.
Once I was sure about the title: Bargain prices.
But now I'm not that confident.

Maybe Screams is better. Someone suggested Contest Announcement and it sounds good to me. Or Public Office. Also the Flow, even if in Italian sounds pretty weird.
And then my mother had a brilliant idea: 100 heads, 200 buttocks.

So, here I am, still undecided.



Shopping at Tigros

Girl's eyes shine: Tigros supermarket has the best prize ever.



Women Bodies

I'm glad to share:

Women Bodies




Nightmare in Doncols

Special thanks to Edo, Dave and Jac: they supported me and stand my bad mood during the (surprising hard) time spent on this sketch.



Punk is not dead

I'll make it short: a couple of years ago a friend asked me an illustration with a punk girl. My idea was about a fat old woman making poo near the garbage dumpster : I thought that was the only way it would be REALLY punk.
My idea was (surprising!) rejected and this sketch was my way to get closer to my friend vision. At the end someone else made the illustration.

I apologize for the sick looking of the cat. It happens.




Red hair, big glasses and, instead of a normal left hand, an incredible anatomy aberration: an ass. He is Ass-Arm.
His creators, Emanuele Tenderini e Matteo Scalera wrote:

Ass-Arm is the ultimate man.
He doesn't need to be a superhero. He could be everyone, or nobody.
Your neighbours, your workmate, your best friend, the guy you hate most... and he still is himself, Ass-Arm.

It should be nice everyone post his own vision about him, we don't care about technique or ideas, the main thing is just to be in.

Ass Arm is a free character, an empty container.
Here you can find the whole story from the very beginning (only Italian, sadly): Braccio di Culo Blog

And these are my humble contribution.

Like all the good things, Ass-Arm came to an end: last September Tenderini closed the blog.
Ass-Arm is dead, long life to Ass-Arm.



Wonder Rosaria

An old sketch, one of my first attempts to use photoshop.

She should be Wonder Woman.
I don't know exactly why I choose Wonder Woman. My friends think she is an unappealing character. Probably they are right.
Maybe it is just a hot return about my memories of the wonder woman tv series with Linda Carter: she built my erotic imaginary.

So... she should be Wonder Woman.
But for reason beyond my comprehension she looks like a girl from the very south of Italy. Now I understand, she is Wonder Rosaria !!!




One of my favorite drawings. Usually people dislike it, it's just a seat, they say, what does it mean?, they ask.