Just a sketch.
But also, with a closer look: a reminder for abandoned projects that I still would like to address. That 's half a promise. And even a promise half not kept.

And it's also a way to post something, considering at the moment I lack of time and energy to spend to devote myself to what I want.



The history of dinosaurs

200,000 years ago the world was a volcanic planet and the sun was very close

20,000 years after the dinosaurs began to appear

After a month or so dinosaurs began to populate

This dinosaur looks very fierce but it is not. It's very slow and it is hard for him to find food.

On the contrary mountain dinosaurs were fast and did not struggle to find food

After that, primitive men began to grow. To be honest they were just apes

After that, primitive men improved themselves and they began to build houses

The end.