It's over. A pretty damn undertone year, even for my standards.
As always, digging in the dirt, something good stands out.
In chronological order, as a partial memo, few incomplete lines.

-Bonneville, finally
The wind in your hair, the feeling of freedom. Also: a fear that twists your belly and a truly unique driving style.

-Pancherot mountain
They say: Pancherot mountain is one of the best of hole Valtourmenche, the view is breathtaking, from Cervino to Rosa Mountain.
Bottom line: none of us had any energy to look around.
In the picture: a scene from Lord of the Rings, probably.

-Cyberpunk Vernissage
There are people who could infect you with their positive mood. Gianni is one of them.
And it becomes really clear during the opening of his art exhibition when a lot of people was coming and moving around. He was the chief one, but he welcomed me as I was his only visitor, hugged me and told me: Cipputi !!! I am happy you came.

In the picture: after one beerI was fearless and I challenged Devil in arm wrestling.

-Bob & Bobette premiere
At the cinema, in the dark, watching the movie, every mistake I did looks even worst. Oh jeeeez, have I really animated that shot? Gosh.
Luckily, after the movie we ate and drank and everyone pretends not to have seen anything.
PS: Bob & Bobette wasn't that bad, indeed. Honestly, I really enjoyed that production.
In the picture: a moment of pure terror.

- Thai dinner
Definitely the best moment since a while. Even without any photographic evidence I have to mention that dinner.
I ate fish, overthrown wine and talked about stuff. During the night: turbo-indigestion. TURBO !
In fact: everything has a price.

It was a beautiful autumn day, and it was beautiful to go to gather (?) chestnuts, as I used long time ago. Even if my backbone was creaking.
In the picture: Valentina, showing her harvest (?), reminds me once again – if any proof is needed – which one is actually the stronger sex.

-Uncle Cipputi
What does it mens to be uncle?
Basically it means you have a grandson.

I know: rankings and reviews at the end of the year are indecently trash and boring. Also to have a blog, I guess.
Simply I couldn't resist.


PS: Thank all you people. Really.


Best 2009 Christmas present

This time one of my presents just stands out: Playboy, december issue.
Sings of passing time. I was expeting boobs and butts, but the first couple appears after page 40, after an article by Rosita Celentano (synopsis: men, stop crying and act as man, please) and one by Umberto Smaila (impossible for me to make a synopsis of this one)

Centerfold page couldn't miss.
Interviews with Brunetta (Minister of Public Administation under Berusconi IV) and with Vittorio Feltri (main editor of il Giornale, newspaper published by Berlusconi) could definetly miss, but these articles are there, gasp.

At the end I didn't understand if it was an invitation to onanism, to voyeurism or whatever.
But anyway this is my best Christmas 2009 presents. Thanks Valentina Maggio, thanks a lot !


PS: a special note for the advent calendar on the cover: every window, a playmate. There is also my favourite one, Micol Ronchi.


IT Crowd tribute

It was supposed to be just a simple tribute to IT Crowd and at the end, even if I am inclined to see symbols and meanings where there aren't any, it is just that: a simple tribute to IT Crowd, nothing more really.
But I was wasting lots of blank sheets, the result did not seem to get any closer to my idea so I started to put drawings on the wall.

I kept making mistakes and changing my mind and making mistakes and still not making any progress, damn.
So the wall was covered with litter of all sorts and I get this impression of a singular harmony: no more just a quote, no longer just a clown who laughs in the drawing, but the drawing itself that mocks me while I am drawing. Meta-frustration.
What an effort.

Some details from left, clockwise:
- One guy really desperate. It happens.
- One guy definitely annoyed. It happens too.
- The first test, when I had not any idea what I was going into and I was still young and full of confidence in myself
- Myself.


PS: A special thank to Marco baddogs Cagnacci who forced me to overcome my laziness and watch this TV series.