Best 2009 Christmas present

This time one of my presents just stands out: Playboy, december issue.
Sings of passing time. I was expeting boobs and butts, but the first couple appears after page 40, after an article by Rosita Celentano (synopsis: men, stop crying and act as man, please) and one by Umberto Smaila (impossible for me to make a synopsis of this one)

Centerfold page couldn't miss.
Interviews with Brunetta (Minister of Public Administation under Berusconi IV) and with Vittorio Feltri (main editor of il Giornale, newspaper published by Berlusconi) could definetly miss, but these articles are there, gasp.

At the end I didn't understand if it was an invitation to onanism, to voyeurism or whatever.
But anyway this is my best Christmas 2009 presents. Thanks Valentina Maggio, thanks a lot !


PS: a special note for the advent calendar on the cover: every window, a playmate. There is also my favourite one, Micol Ronchi.

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