IT Crowd tribute

It was supposed to be just a simple tribute to IT Crowd and at the end, even if I am inclined to see symbols and meanings where there aren't any, it is just that: a simple tribute to IT Crowd, nothing more really.
But I was wasting lots of blank sheets, the result did not seem to get any closer to my idea so I started to put drawings on the wall.

I kept making mistakes and changing my mind and making mistakes and still not making any progress, damn.
So the wall was covered with litter of all sorts and I get this impression of a singular harmony: no more just a quote, no longer just a clown who laughs in the drawing, but the drawing itself that mocks me while I am drawing. Meta-frustration.
What an effort.

Some details from left, clockwise:
- One guy really desperate. It happens.
- One guy definitely annoyed. It happens too.
- The first test, when I had not any idea what I was going into and I was still young and full of confidence in myself
- Myself.


PS: A special thank to Marco baddogs Cagnacci who forced me to overcome my laziness and watch this TV series.

1 comment:

  1. Ha nice!

    Awesome work to see how many walls you filled in the name of research. Also slightly disturbing ;-).

    Gotta love the IT crowd, nice work Marco :-D