Red hair, big glasses and, instead of a normal left hand, an incredible anatomy aberration: an ass. He is Ass-Arm.
His creators, Emanuele Tenderini e Matteo Scalera wrote:

Ass-Arm is the ultimate man.
He doesn't need to be a superhero. He could be everyone, or nobody.
Your neighbours, your workmate, your best friend, the guy you hate most... and he still is himself, Ass-Arm.

It should be nice everyone post his own vision about him, we don't care about technique or ideas, the main thing is just to be in.

Ass Arm is a free character, an empty container.
Here you can find the whole story from the very beginning (only Italian, sadly): Braccio di Culo Blog

And these are my humble contribution.

Like all the good things, Ass-Arm came to an end: last September Tenderini closed the blog.
Ass-Arm is dead, long life to Ass-Arm.


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